When I got my first look at the changes in Safari Technology Preview, my immediate response was, "this is different" followed shortly by "I like it." Little did I suspect that the changes would create apparently great controversy when they appeared in Safari 15 in Monterey. The controversial change is the absence of a search bar, and instead, each of the tabs becomes a miniature search bar and the background takes on the base color of the currently active tab as seen in this screenshot. Personally I love the feeling of the site and browser becoming one, not to mention the extra space in the window for content.

Apparently many users decried the loss of the separate search bar that in the third Monterey beta a view option were added to show a separate tab bar, show a Favorites bar, and even a status bar although I haven't seen it yet. So no matter your preference, you can tailor the Safari 15 window to your liking.

Personally I will stick with the minimalist version, but I would like to know what you all think about the options.

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