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"...it is not difficult to create a bootable external drive for M1 macs given the right combination of connecting media, drive media, and installer"

If I may slightly digress in view of your conclusion to share a favorite among math professors: so the professor had been lecturing non-stop for half an hour and the blackboard is completely covered with equations, symbols and notation. "And it is obvious…" the professor says while turning to look at the board. The professor stares at the board for a minute, two minutes, four minutes. "Yes, it's obvious." grin

[if it requires explanation, then just keep moving along smirk ]

To continue the digression: On the first day of class, one of my professors had an equation completely filling over fifty feet of chalkboard with a single equation. He walked in, turned to the class and said, "The solution is intuitively obvious" erased the board and walked out of the room. We then spent the entire semester working through that equation step-by-step. Shortly before the end of the semester, it was revealed that one of the fundamental assumptions of the equation had been proven to be false and the equation was being withdrawn from the literature. That was fine with me as I never understood the 🀬 thing. We were given credit for the course, but no grade. 🀯. true story

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