Considering the adage Knowledge is Power, I think it might be helpful to provide a collection of web links about the Corona virus/COVID-19 that could help our FineTunedMac community assess and better understand the current pandemic, and what it means to them and the various other communities they’re part of.

It can also help dispel rather ubiquitous mis- and disinformation on the topic. In addition to this, the current pandemic offers new opportunities for various malfeasants targeting those looking for information on the internet. One example is described HERE, but I’m sure there are many others. Be careful out there!

To get you going, here are a few links I found quite useful:

- Coronavirus articles on Medium* made available freely by Medium
- Coronavirus information page compiled by MacInTouch/Ric Ford
- Coronavirus map of the US: latest cases state by state by The Guardian
- Hour by hour: the spread of the coronavirus across the globe. Interactive map by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

*) A particularly helpful overview is Tomas Pueyo’s Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now. This has been updated at least once, and may be again.

**) I cannot guarantee that there is no bad info in the above links, but they are well curated. Please use your common sense and check multiple reputable sources for verification.

Note that
(1) most of these pages are updated regularly, so it pays to check back, and
(2) they are currently freely accessible, i.e., not behind a paywall.

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