I have loaded all of my music on a secondary drive used for only data on my Mac and then did an import into Mac Music. Then I found I had a ton of dupes and tried multiple dupe finding programs and get very different results from each. Using finder it appears I have three areas where music is stored. How can I reduce the number of dupe locations for similar music? When checking files from inside music this is the location of my music being used, my player.

/Users/mymac/Music/itunes Music/Media.localized/Elton John/Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (deluxe edition)/1-01 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy.mp3

How do I determine exactly where this is because I seem to have a similar location on the secondary drive.

Wondering if a better way to handle this is to put all music on external hard drive and import from there and reduce the storage need and duplication of music on the computer. I would appreciate any ideas

My main problem is I have tried the Mac Music Dupe finder and a few other 3rd party apps to check and each provides totally different totals often very different. Right now I appear to have music and dupes in 3 main locations. 1. the location on the secondary drive where I loaded the music and where I imported from.

2. on the primary drive in a Music subdirectory as is show as default setting 3. in a similar layout of Primary drive in a Music folder but on the secondary drive., almost a mirror image of primary drive location So the problem is based on the link I sent in earlier email where is the music in the app actually is located I really can't tell because tree structure is similar to two locations so if I remove it doesn't remove from wrong location? Sorry for any confusion.