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Given the outcome, 'twould appear that the sum of the IQs of the electors doesn't quite reach 3 digits. {sigh}

I think a lot of the electors got it right, but there just weren't enough of them. However, they now appear on Trump's Twitter threads. I don't use Twitter but got a look at one of Trump's threads on-line and concluded Trump must be nutty to keep tweeting…unless he's a bit masochistic and likes abuse.

Here's what Trump tweeted:

Bill Clinton stated that I called him after the election. Wrong, he called me (with a very nice congratulations). He "doesn't know much" …

And here's what the first page of responses contained:

• Donald, your favorability is the worst in the NBC/WSJ poll's history for a president-elect.

• so petty

• why would you care about such a small distinction? Good god you're petty

• what? Are you 6?

• you are a toddler


• Right, because this petty #$!& is what's important. It's not like you're the President-elect who should be above that.

• I'm sorry you are such a sore winner, but don't drag Bill Clinton into your drama. Some people are more mature than this.

• You can say a lot of things but one glaring fact will always haunt you: you aren't smart. You don't have the "best words."

• Can you be the bigger man for once? Is that even within your abilities? Can you just be a gracious person and rise above?

• One final thing. You will never be Bill Clinton. You'll never preside over such economic expansion. You are a big mistake.

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