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I'm glad this came up, because for ages I've been meaning to ask you how you clone from DW's Preview window?

NP. When you click "Preview" it should mount the "proposed repaired disk" on the desktop. If the original volume was mountable, it also will be mounted, allowing you to compare them. If you clone, be sure you are cloning from the preview, not the original. I always compared the sizes of the two, to make sure "nothing catastrophic" was being proposed. And about 2% of the time, it WAS. Like used disk space going from 87gb to 13gb following the "repair". NOPE NOPE NOPE not gonna do it! In that case, try another tool or clone from original, nuke, and restore. I had to learn that lesson the hard way too. Note that once you click Repair, there's no undo. You can't just rerun DW and give it another try either.
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