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Well said Tacit. My experience and the experience of most of my friends, many of whom are far older than I parallels yours. I still contend iOS devices are almost impossible to comprehend until you have one and have used it for a while. It quickly becomes about as useful as your right arm.

I agree. And thanks again, both you guys.

From all that's been said so far, I am precious little closer to comprehending details of costing or how my privacy/security could be maintained. And I guess I'm just not willing to put myself out and tolerate the inevitable frustration of (potentially costly) trial-and-error learning over a long period of time, especially when I don't need or want any of the supposed advantages of mobile communication. Given vision issues which require major magnification on my iMac, futzing with a tiny-screened mobile device would likely make me suicidal. Add to that that at best I've got a couple decades left on the right side of the grass, with better things to do than stroke out from Dilbertian exasperation.

I want a device to serve me, not vice versa. Perhaps the better choice would be to hire a knowledgeable factotum.

I'm pretty much resigned to sticking with what I know and need. If I need GPS for travels, I'll get me a Garman nĂ¼vi.