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[quote=grelber]"Peaceful coexistence" is a convenient fiction which only exists because the "800-pound gorilla in the room" deems it acceptable for the moment.

200 years of neighbourly conduct and the longest undefended border in the world is neither fictional nor momentary.

Then you haven't been paying attention. Most recently (and for years) COOL (country of origin labeling), which cost the Canadian economy billions of dollars. It took years of fighting for the WTO tribunals to finally succeed in vindicating Canada (and still the USA tried to carry on regardless, giving in only when the prospect of economic sanctions/retaliation loomed large with the blessing of the WTO).

I forgot about one of the longest standing and most acrimonious quarrels between Canada and the US, namely the softwood lumber dispute (economic value in the billions of dollars annually), which has been writhing around in the foreground and/or smoldering in the background for over 3 decades (ie, since the time of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau — yes, Justin's father — and President Ronald Reagan).

It is bound to be raised at the state dinner for Justin Trudeau at the White House later this week. A slightly dated discussion may be found in Canada's softwood lumber rematch with US awaits Trudeau. You may also check this out in Wikipedia under Canada–United States softwood lumber dispute or just Google it.