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I wonder what the complication is?

Could be it's a sandboxing issue; if the individual apps in question are sandboxed, then WireTap Studio may not be able to access their audio output.

Good thought, but on the other hand, sandboxing hasn't slowed Audio Hijack Pro down, and AHP presumably accesses the same apps (I've got no way to investigate.), but...perhaps not in the same manner. Would that make a difference?

Edit: Silly question, I presume?

Here is a "why" from Ambrosia Software, the developer of WTS and WireTap Anywhere:

"The current version of WireTap Anywhere is not compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion, 10.8. Apple has made many changes in the way that audio is handled on the Mac beginning with OS X Lion, 10.7. The technology that WireTap Anywhere relied on was deprecated before Apple had a replacement ready. Unfortunately Apple's replacement technology is a lot more restrictive than we had anticipated. We will know more once per-application recording is restored in WireTap Studio, as that will give us a better idea of what lies ahead. We do not have any further information or expected dates for potential fixes at this time."
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