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Good idea, I just added text to the good files, yet the previews remain so far.

OK, then, kevs... Because it's got to be even more unsatisfying to you to see your threads languish than it is to me, I'm going to take one last shot at this and ask you to please explain, in detail, your aversion to going into Terminal, where the answers to many of your issues may lie?

Terminal is quite benign unless you "sic" it on something, and the commands that Hal has posted are no more than information gatherers that won't change anything on your Mac and just may yield insights into, if not answers to, your issues. (Rest assured that if a command is going to change something you'll be fully forewarned.)

Heck, kevs, you ran Terminal, albeit indirectly, when you cleared your caches with TinkerTool System, and you did so with absolutely no guarantee that Marcel Bresink got his commands straight, nor is there any guarantee that your having run his commands didn't clear some cache that you'll ultimately regret having cleared. (By way of example, there's one maintenance utility that I've called out four times already for either clearing the wrong cache or clearing one that shouldn't ought to be cleared.) Edit: On the other hand, though, when Hal gives you a command to run you know precisely what it's going to do.

If you begin copying and pasting commands posted by Hal, ganbustein, V1, et al and following their accompanying instructions you may be pleasantly surprised by both how many of your issues get resolved and how quickly they get resolved.

Remember that Hal and I, in particular, have got substantial time and effort invested in many of your threads (including at least four that I've [Edit: directly or indirectly] brought to conclusion) and want to see results almost as badly as, sometimes, I think, worse than, you do.

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