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you lost me because the whole point of DNG is to get rid of the sidecar file!

I use Adobe DNG converter to convert from CR2 to DNG.

OK, then; let's experiment: In the same folder of files that's pictured in your uploaded image, change the name of a file that is now showing a preview, and tell us whether the preview remains intact or disappears. It apparently makes no difference how you change the name, but for consistency, make the same change you made to the non-high-res image files. (Make a command-D copy of the file before you play with it, so you don't risk losing your preview.)

Your results will lock directly into tacit's hypothesis.

Edit: As per Hal's comment, command-D risks losing you preview; instead of doing that, option-dragging a file to, say, your desktop will create a dupe without a name-change.

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