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Tacit, I just click the file name and added that. But again, I deleted it and the preview still does not appear.

it did not occur to me an issue until it was pointed out.

So then —by inference —i suppose we should also just assume that those items had no preview before you renamed them? [it would be better if that detail was specified by explicit elaboration... but perhaps that didn't "occur" to you either?]

Now, here's my ticket out of this mess...

Perhaps a listing in Terminal would reveal info that Finder doesn't show. Such a listing might provide clues which could lead to a solution... potentially.

Copy/paste this command in Terminal, and add a _space_ afterwards:
ls -Orbitlake@ 

(do not hit return yet, and do not paste that text with any newline at the end). Then drag/drop (or copy/paste) that same folder (pictured on page 2) from Finder into the Terminal window, so that its properly formatted pathname appears after the command text... and (now) hit return.

Copy/paste all text from the Terminal window and post in a reply here. (Wrap with code tags for bonus points).