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I've just noticed over the years that Hal and Arite have never solved any of my issues, ever, but they both spend a tonnage of time criticizing and complaining about the posts.

I don't know which "years" you're referring to... i've been a member starting at MacFixIt in 1999. When i've criticized your posts it's because they often contain vague descriptions. But most of all, there's a definite sense that you consistently put as little effort as possible into the matter.

So yeah... if you're looking to play 20 questions (since the descriptions are so lame), then i'm not your guy.

What you don't seem to appreciate is that issues in some thread you've started don't necessarily belong to you exclusively... and i'm just as concerned about the next person that lands here (via google or whatever) who has the same issue.

Also, your reluctance to run Terminal commands disqualifies your judgements about the help i've provided. It's you who failed to follow my advice (tons of times).