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You ever notice that Hal, hardly ever provides much useful information, but spends most of his energy criticizing/analyzing the thread themselves?


The remainder of this post has been removed. While you may feel strongly about another poster’s comments, these forums are not the place to settle any non- troubleshooting differences, or to make ad-hominem remarks regardless of whether they may seem justified. Please refrain from any comments that can be taken as such, and focus on the topic at hand: troubleshooting.

kevs's post fits your characterization of my post to a T and was not edited, which, in conjunction with your having edited my post, may be construed as (Edit: unwarranted, in my eyes, anyhow) editorial comment on the part of the Mods. confused

PS: kevs's post approached was (Changed after Alex posted.) ad-hominen...my first reaction to it was to report it as such; mine was a statement of fact

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