I loaned my iBook G4 to a friend, and it came back with cosmetic damage to the case bottom.

Although he swears the deuced Mac(hina) sat on a dry towel the entire time he had it, it looks like some liquid got to it and eroded the shiny finish, leaving it kinda lightly textured/striated and, although still smooth to the touch, not "sticky" like the factory finish. (I can't post photos, because the damage is waaay too subtle to be captured by my camera.)

I don't really care about the damage, which is 100% cosmetic, but I want to sell the computer, and I'd like to be able to describe its condition accurately, so I figured I'd see if anybody knows what the "solvent" might have been (to save me from emptying my closets and possibly inflicting further damage through my investigative efforts).

Considering the household in which the iBook was, I have to consider alcohol a likely candidate.

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