I have a backup/remote server here on a UPS. It lost power 20 minutes after I left for work this morning. The UPS probably held it for about 25 minutes and then signaled the energysaver to shut down, which it did.

The MP did not however, turn back on again when power was restored, and was off until I got home and realized it was off. I did have "restart after power failure" checked.

As far as I can tell, if I hadn't had the UPS or set it to shut down when runtime gets low, and it had just abruptly shut down, it would have properly started back up when power came back.

So, in short, the UPS COST me uptime today, to the tune of almost 10 hours. How to fix this?

I suppose I need to either find a way to do an orderly shutdown that sets the "restart when power comes back" flag wherever, or I need to find a way to tell the nvram to do a timed wakeup at something like five minute intervals starting in 20 minutes, or is there something else I can do?

Don't want to hear about hardware solutions. I know I can baytech it or something like that but I'm insulted to have to throw more money at this problem beyond the good UPS I've already bought. The hardware I've already bought should be solving the problem, not making it worse.

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