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My apologies this is taking so long, but I think in attempting to force macOS to be organized like earlier versions of OS X you have accidentally created a Gordion knot that is going to be difficult to untie and may require cutting. If I were sitting at your keyboard, I could verify my suspicions in minutes, but since I am not at your keyboard it is going to take some time. I strongly suspect at this point you have an [i]endless loop[/p] situation where the folder you are trying to delete/move is contained in the folder your are trying to delete/move. But the what and why are not the objective, the objective is to solve the problem. That said, I will reiterate, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET BACK TO APPLICATIONS, LIBRARY, SYSTEM, USERS, AND DATA ON YOUR HARD DRIVE WITHOUT GOING BACK TO AN EARLIER VERSION OF MACOS (I am not sure how far back you would have to go, maybe as far back as Catalina.) However, you can easily get to something like this.

If that would satisfy you, the only issue remaining is getting rid of the problematic Data folder.
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[I'm confused, though, about "getting rid of the problematic Data folder." What is the problem?
Just to let you both know this is not a forgot thread....I have been making some progress (an interesting voyage) and, so far, there's no smoke coming out of the iMac vents. I hope to report soon.

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