It is a pain to have to connect my ethernet cable to my router and computer. If you saw the logistics of my router (on top of a file cabinet) and where I would have to sit to able to connect the two, it would be obvious why I am so lazy about it. But since you mentioned it may be a security issue, I feel better about it should I ever actually have to do it. smile

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Yes, you must have missed that post. I just did that but it won't connect. It did when I had a Belkin router but not with TP-link. I am pretty sure I have to connect my Mac to the router via ethernet to do anything with it. Too lazy.

I had a feeling that you had already tried and failed with that URL, but it was worth making sure.

I guess your having to connect to your router with hard wire is a security feature in that it requires physical access to change anything, but it's certainly a nuisance when it seems like a reeeally strong password would suffice. (Aside: I don't get why my preinstalled network password is stronger than my preinstalled router password. It seems like it should be the other way around.)

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