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#7019 - 12/27/09 03:28 PM Macbook Pro, CD stuck, making bad noises, help?
Tigger Offline

Registered: 12/27/09
Loc: NJ
I was having some problems with my CD drive, it wasn't always recognizing CD's and DVD's, and sometimes they wouldn't come out when I hit eject. I gave it to the Mac store, they kept it for a week, said nothing seemed to be wrong, and gave it back. Shortly after a blank CD got stuck in the drive. Sometimes the computer recognizes it when I turn it on, sometimes not. I can't take it in right now because of transport issues, but in the last two days, it's started making strange noises and I think it's constantly trying to read it. Is there a way to get it out or to shut off the power to the CD drive or anything until I can take it in? I'm worried it might be doing more damage considering the noises it's making, but I really need to use the computer and I don't have any alternatives at the moment.

#7020 - 12/27/09 03:48 PM Re: Macbook Pro, CD stuck, making bad noises, help [Re: Tigger]
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Give this thread a read; you might find something helpful.

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