There are a couple of ways to get email notification when someone replies to a thread, both involving UBB.threads' Watch Lists feature.

A) If you always want email notification then make that the default in your forum preferences:
  1. click My Stuff in the forums navigation bar
  2. select Edit Preferences from the dropdown menu
  3. click the Yes radio button for "By default should anything added to your Watch Lists be emailed to you?"
  4. click the Submit button
Then check the "Add this topic to my Watched Topics" box when posting a new thread, or the "Add this thread to my Watched Topics" box when making a reply. (Yes, it would be better if those boxes were automatically checked when you have emails enabled in your preferences but unfortunately the software doesn't do that.)

Once you've made the change in your preferences you can also click Topic Options at the top of any thread and select "Add Topic to your Watched Topics." This is handy if you forget to check the box when posting, and also allows you to get email notifications for a thread without posting in it.

B) If you want email notification for some threads but want to be able to use your Watched Topics list to follow others, don't make the preferences change noted above. Instead, when you add a thread to your Watched Topics that you want email notification for, go to

My Stuff > Watch Lists > Watched Topics > Edit Watched Topics

and in the Email Notification column click the Immediately radio button for the topic in question. Then click the Update Watched Topics button.

FineTunedMac Forums Admin