Welcome to the newly launched Frequently Asked Mac Questions forum, a collection of posts on a variety of often-encountered Mac issues written by FineTunedMac's own members.

Many thanks to all who put time and effort into FAMQ's opening posts and continue to work on posts waiting in the wings. This knowledge base may never be truly comprehensive or systematically organized, but inasmuch as the entries developed are likely to address those issues which we've encountered most often during our troubleshooting careers, it figures to reflect a real-world relevance which might be hard to find elsewhere.

It's our hope that as this forum becomes populated with posts, the FTM community will find value in creating a wide range of additional entries, not only to share their knowledge and experience with other Mac users or because of the convenience of having ready-made posts to link to when answering the most common troubleshooting requests, but because the process of creating the entries is itself an education for everyone who's involved.

That creation process occurs in the Mac FAQ Discussion forum, where potential Frequently Asked Mac Questions entries are proposed, discussed, and edited until a final draft is ready for publication here. In addition, once a topic is published here, the Mac FAQ Discussion thread in which it was created remains available for suggestions of further improvements or updates.

Anyone is eligible to participate in threads in the Mac FAQ Discussion forum after requesting that his or her name be added to the list of contributors. You do this by making a request in the Posting privileges for Mac FAQ Discussion thread.

For more information on the development process, see The Mac FAQ Discussion forum Read Me.

Please note:

• Frequently Asked Mac Questions is a read-only forum. If you believe that some of the information or advice offered herein is incorrect, don't gnash your teeth and wail; instead, request posting privileges in the Mac FAQ Discussion forum as outlined above, and then voice your concerns in the appropriate thread there. Remember, it's the collective wisdom of the FTM community which is our greatest strength, so if you think there's room for improvement...add your wisdom to the collection!

• You must be logged in to access the Mac FAQ Discussion forum or any posts there, including the "Read Me".

• The Mac FAQ Discussion forum is not intended for troubleshooting. If you tried to resolve a Mac-related troubleshooting problem by applying information found in one of the Frequently Asked Mac Questions topics, and were not successful, please post a new topic in the appropriate troubleshooting/help forum and we'll be glad to provide additional assistance.

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