I have (had) both Safari and FireFox installed on my computer. I almost never use FireFox except once in a while if a site doesn’t work with Safari….which has become a very rare occurrence.

This morning, in my Cookie App, I had a look at the Website names under Firefox and found, among others, these two.

chrome with 10 tracking cookies
screenshots@mozilla.org with 1 tracking cookie

They were not checked off as Favorites, so I tried to remove them. It was not possible. They could not be removed either by using “Remove Non-Favorites” or by selecting them individually and using “Remove”.

They could not be removed by loading FireFox and then shutting it down….the automaticity that works with with Safari. And, they clearly were not phased by the every 5 minutes cookie clear-out that I use. In the end, I used CleanApp to remove everything FireFox from my drive.

I really dislike when an application decides that it has a right to track me, and I particularly dislike it when the app is one like FireFox....an app that should be trustworthy.

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