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#53284 - 01/09/20 07:30 AM Firefox Image Blocking disappears
grelber Offline

Registered: 08/05/09
Loc: North of 49th ||
... in version 72.0 and 72.0.1 just released. When examining Page View Info with respect to (dis)allowing images per website, the option no longer appears. Consequently all sites which I had set to block images (for purposes of download speed enhancement) have reverted to allowing same.
Any ideas?
I suppose I could go into Firefox's about:config and toggle that item globally, but I found it more useful to do such site by site (so that I wouldn't have be continually shifting back and forth between block/allow).

#53285 - 01/09/20 11:15 PM Re: Firefox Image Blocking disappears [Re: grelber]
artie505 Online

Registered: 08/04/09
Has Firefox maybe ceded the functionality to an Add-on?
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#53286 - 01/10/20 01:38 AM Re: Firefox Image Blocking disappears [Re: artie505]
grelber Offline

Registered: 08/05/09
Loc: North of 49th ||
I suspect so, but normally Mozilla would announce such a dramatic change (and I see no evidence of the that ... the option just disappeared).
I thought I might add Image Block but I can't get it to behave on a per-site basis.

My installed uBlock Origin has a feature to "Block media elements larger than [selectable] KB" under Default Behavior. The trick to enable such on a per-site basis is to set the size (eg, 20 KB) in the size window and NOT to select item for universal default behavior. (It took a while to suss that out.)
It's not as good a solution as that which used to be incorporated in Firefox which simply removed all images, but it's something.

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#53289 - 01/11/20 07:18 AM Re: Firefox Image Blocking disappears [Re: grelber]
grelber Offline

Registered: 08/05/09
Loc: North of 49th ||
It turns out that Mozilla did announce the change in their release notes to version 72.0 (which I didn't scroll down enough to see).
They have, however, provided guidance to reversion to status quo ante:

Note that for now you can revert this change by setting this pref to true on the about:config page (no restart necessary).
extensions.contentblocker.enabled = true

We shall see.

I carried out the task but got some very bizarre behavior which seemed to be cured by restarting Firefox — contrary to Mozilla's parenthethical comment (see above).

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