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#52702 - 10/16/19 12:48 AM Land of the Free ?
grelber Offline

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Home of the Brave ?

I think not. More border shenanigans of the nasty sort, this time on the 49th parallel.

How a Vacation in Canada Turned Into a 2-Week Detention in the US

#52703 - 10/16/19 03:27 AM Re: Land of the Free ? [Re: grelber]
artie505 Online

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There's enough inconsistency in that story to call it into question.
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#52707 - 10/16/19 07:53 AM Re: Land of the Free ? [Re: artie505]
ryck Online

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Originally Posted By: artie505
There's enough inconsistency in that story to call it into question.

That's for sure.

I wonder if these people realized that, after sneaking into the U.S., they'd also have to sneak out. I'm guessing they hadn't thought that part through either.

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#52712 - 10/16/19 09:48 AM Re: Land of the Free ? [Re: ryck]
joemikeb Online

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This is an all too frequent scenario along the Texas Mexican border when U.S. citizens with hispanic sounding surnames cross the border to visit friends or family members, and find themselves incarcerated and their children taken to detention centers. Being in possession of a U.S. passport is not always sufficient protection from over-zealous INS agents.
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