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#52243 - 08/18/19 08:20 AM Re: Apple Mail Filing Issue [Re: ryck]
ryck Online

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Okanagan Valley
Back to the start of this thread....trying to file a message but getting a dialogue box that says: Message could not be moved to the mailbox “Mailbox Name”

I'm beginning to think the issue is not about a bad sector, but rather a glitch in Apple Mail. Why? Because I have gone through a disk partition and then back to a single partition which, I assume would likely have Apple Mail installed somewhere other than where it was previously.....perhaps not where a bad sector might be.

Today's solution was the same as in April....I did a directory rebuild with Disk Warrior and Apple Mail started filing correctly again.

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#52244 - 08/18/19 12:35 PM Re: Apple Mail Filing Issue [Re: ryck]
joemikeb Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas

I just re-read your initial post and your response to my first questions and promptly gave myself a "dope slap" for having overlooked the obvious. This is an IMAP account and unless you are moving the message to a mailbox you have created "On My Mac" mailbox you are moving the message to IS NOT ON YOUR COMPUTER! — it is on the email provider's IMAP server. There are myriad of reasons the message could not be moved, but all of them are completely outside of your computer and your control.

If that is the case, a reasonable question would be, "Why would the volume rebuild correct the situation?" The answer is that it would not have any direct effect but there would be a time interval for the email provider, ISP, whoever, or what ever was the source of the problem to correct itself or to be corrected. I use Airmail rather than Mail as my email client and in retrospect I saw a similar message recently and since it was not critical I didn't think anything about it. However, I don't recall which of my email accounts it was on, but the likelihood is it was Apple.
joemikeb • moderator

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