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#51914 - 06/26/19 09:11 AM Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho its off to iOS/iPadOS 13 we go
joemikeb Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
While my MacBookPro was installing Catalina, I began the process of installing iOS 13 beta on my iPhone X and iPadOS 13 beta on my iPad Pro. This turned out to be a more complicated process than installing the previous iOS 11 and 12 betas:
  1. Download the profile installer from the Apple beta tester web site
  2. Go to Settings > General > Profile
  3. Go through the usual acceptance dialogues
  4. Click on install to install the beta profile
  5. If you now have two profiles — delete the old profile. You should only have iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 Bet... profile.
  6. Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  7. When an available update is found, touch Install
Was all that worth doing? It depends on you. Do you like being on the "bleeding edge" of technology and are highly risk tolerant. Do you back up religiously, savor change, like troubleshooting, and are you patient with filling out Feedback Assistant reports. If your answer to the preceding questions is "Absolutely!", your are chomping at the bit to go, and are not working on a critical project that cannot be slipped; then make a complete backup of your system and go for it! If you have even the slightest hesitation then wait until September and get the release version.

Although I have had little time to play with iOS 13, much less iPadOS 13, I am already aware of some really cool and really useful new features and functions. Off the top of my head in no particular order the things that have grabbed my attention are...
  • Find My the merger of Find my phone and Find my friend. This is not just a rehash of the former apps it is a merger on steroids. Find My can find your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AppleTV, or Mac in many cases even when it is turned off — using triangulation from other unknown and unidentified iPhones. I tried it at breakfast this morning and watched open mouthed as it slowly but surely zeroed in on our breakfast table! It can perform this trick with any of the devices registered with your Apple ID. It works equally well with friends who have agreed to be located. Find My — friend alone will save me hours of fruitless searching for my wife at the store not to mention at Walt Disney World. 😄
  • Siri Shortcuts — Siri is getting too &%* smart for my. own good! I was preented with several Siri shortcuts derived from my activity patterns. For example say "Siri bedtime" turns off the bedroom lights, dials the bedroon fan down to low, activates the Bedtime function in Clock, and sets the iPhone, iPad, and Mac to Do Not Disturb until the alarm goes off the next day. And that is just one of many.
  • Lots of new security and control features for apps. For example apps now have to be granted specific permission to access bluetooth.
  • Battery Life iOS/iPadOS 13 has a new AI based procedure intended to slow battery aging. It watches and analyes your daily use and wlll only permit the battery to charge beyond 80% "when it is necessary". No information on what pattern or series of events will trigger 100% charging. I am guessing that would include location but other than that who knows. I would love to find more information on that algorithm.
This is just my very initial impression but so far...
  • Other than a bit baroque the installation is straight forward
  • My iPhone and iPad are both stable and no apps have had any problem so far.
  • There are a number of minor changes in the GUI whether you like them or not is a matter of personal taste and habit.
joemikeb • moderator

#51928 - 06/28/19 08:45 AM Re: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho its off to iOS/iPadOS 13 we go [Re: joemikeb]
ryck Online

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Okanagan Valley
In case it hasn't been said before....thanks for all the beta reports you write, and the peeks into the future that they provide. They are always informative and it's clear you spend time preparing them. I'm sure I speak for plenty of FTM members...and a lot of folks who just visit.

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#51929 - 06/28/19 09:12 AM Re: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho its off to iOS/iPadOS 13 we go [Re: ryck]
artie505 Online

Registered: 08/04/09
Second! smile
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#52021 - 07/07/19 01:20 PM Re: Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho its off to iOS/iPadOS 13 we go [Re: artie505]
joemikeb Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Fort Worth, Texas
The iOS 13 beta has been pretty uneventful particularly when compared to the Catalina beta but FWIW here is a list of items that have grabbed my attention:
  • HOME has a new and arguably improved UI. Cleaner and easier to understand.
  • SIRI noticeably improved speech recognition as well as improved sensitivity (last night a character on television asked a question and Siri repsonded — even though the key phrase "hey Siri" had not been used)
  • Machine Learning my iPhone is picking up on my daily routines and responding by doing things without being prompted. For example when I turn off the alarm in the morning the phone turns on the lights in the bedroom, displays the day's weather, shows the first calendar event for the day. I am constantly being prompted to add new Siri Shortcuts based on repeated daily routines.
  • REMINDERS has a new and arguably improved UI including creating reminders via Siri. Apparently there are a lot of under the hood improvements that include rebuilding the database, but it won't do that until all the linked devices on my Appel account have been updated to Catalina, iOS 13, & iPadOS 13. Yes it keeps prodding me to update everything as well. (I'm holding off on upgrading my sever until Catalina is a bit more stable and I still boot into a Mojave system on an external drive of my MBP.)
  • FIND MY… while I really have not had the opportunity to put this new app/feature to a full test (hopefully I never will need the full test which includes "bricking" the iPhone) but it really is pretty nice and finding persons works GREAT. You can even specify how long someone can find you!
  • NOTES another new UI with different notes views, improved search capability and shared folders for working with teams.
  • Pages, Numbers, Keynote These are the full featured apps that work the same on iOS, iPadOS, & MacOS the biggest new feature in Pages and Numbers is the addition of Styles like you find in any serious Word Processing or spreadsheet software. Like 'em or hate 'em (they are not my first or even second choice) they have the functionality to actually be useful in a business or personal environment even with the limits the iPhone's form factor. I'v said it before and will likely say it again — these apps are a paean to Apples new "build it once, run it anywhere" development structure. FWIW Pages on the iPhone is only 450.4 MB and Numbers 438.4 MB in size. On Catalina they are 424.1 and 431.8 respectively.
  • STABILITY So far so good. iOS 13 and apps running on iOS 13 have been rock solid, unlike Catalina where Safari has crashed twice while I was drafting this post 😟
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