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#51715 - 05/15/19 11:23 AM How get old OS.s?
kevs Offline

Registered: 12/07/09
I want to get a copy of Mountain Lion to put in Virtual PC, I went to app store, don't see it. Any ideas?

Just read and article that with Mojave which I just upgraded to two days ago, Apple, in it's great wisdom, has removed ability to get old OS. (wish I had known that week before upgrading, I probably had all old os in there)

I do see, thankfully installer, El Capitan, in my apps folder, only that one... but I wanted to try older ones: Snow Leopard to Yosemite. I think those work better with my old Dreamweaver CS3 I'll be using in Parallels.

Any idea how to get those old OS?

#51725 - 05/16/19 01:18 PM Re: How get old OS.s? [Re: kevs]
Ira L Online

Registered: 08/13/09
Loc: California
Apple wants $19.99 for 10.8.
On a Mac since 1984.
Currently: 27" iMacs, Macbook Air, macOS 10.15.x,; iPhones, iPods and iPads galore!

#51728 - 05/16/19 03:08 PM Re: How get old OS.s? [Re: Ira L]
kevs Offline

Registered: 12/07/09
YEs, sad Ira, but I found Yosemite an HIgh Sierra in my apps folder, so I should be good.

#51738 - 05/17/19 10:43 AM Re: How get old OS.s? [Re: kevs]
kevs Offline

Registered: 12/07/09
Ira PS

OS X Yosemite
OS X Yosemite JUST says app store download and doubleclick take me to app store.

and this one more promising:

Install OS X El Capitan says application
But when double click it is says, "the copy is too old to be opened in this version.."

Wonder if it'll be ok in Parallels..

Wish I had more Installs, wonder why only El Capitan is in my apps folder and not other 10 from over years?


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