Throughout the 1980s Buffy Sainte-Marie 'continued to experiment with cutting-edge technology. In 1984, for example, she was one of the first people to purchase a Macintosh computer, and she used it to create digital art. "I still have my original 128k machine. MacPaint and MacWrite saved my sanity .... To have had that kind of fun toy, maximizing and recording the stuff I already loved to do, was a real joy." ' [p 193]

'It wasn't a stretch to make and record music using a computer .... To Sainte-Marie, it looked like IBM and Microsoft were designed for keeping secrets, making war, and doing taxes, but that with Apple, it was different. She liked its origin story ... and felt that finally there was a computer for the rest of us. ... "I saw incredible potential. ... We were trying to record our artistry and get the news out. Early on, it involved some programming and it was hard, but the results were thrilling. Once the Macintosh came along, I was just shoutin' it from the rooftops! Anybody can use this!" ' [pp 194-195]

[Page numbers refer to Buffy Sainte-Marie : The Authorized Biography by Andrea Warner (Vancouver/Berkeley: Greystone Books, 2018). Splendid treatise.]