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#45570 - 07/05/17 07:57 AM someone needs to take control of my computer?
Virtual1 Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Iowa
I just got this popup again for no obvious reason: "SamplingTools needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue. Type your password to allow this"

I get this random popup on rare occasion. Googling around found it's probably a crash debugging feature added around Yosemite. It seems to be getting caused by a lot of apps, things like Audacity and Bento etc.

I'd like to know more about this message, it really doesn't sound like the kind of popup an average user ought to expect to see. I don't know what's causing it, there's no way a novice would have any idea what it was for, and it's asking for my computer password, something you REALLY don't want novice users to be hammering in anytime they're asked for it without knowing why.

(similar example:

To be clear, this was totally unprovoked by me. I was using Mail and Safari at the time it appeared, and I don't have any non-apple apps launched at the moment. (though I do have a few background things installed like google drive etc, very likely one of them triggered this out of the blue)
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#45573 - 07/05/17 11:09 AM Re: someone needs to take control of my computer? [Re: Virtual1]
artie505 Online

Registered: 08/04/09
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#45720 - 07/16/17 10:40 PM Re: someone needs to take control of my computer? [Re: Virtual1]
tacit Offline

Registered: 08/03/09
Loc: Portland, Oregon, USA
Are you by any chance using XCode? The only time this message should ever come up, as far as I know, is if you installed XCode and enabled the developer tools but didn't enter an administrator password the first time you ran XCode.
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