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#38484 - 01/28/16 03:40 PM Re: can't eject external drive [Re: dkmarsh]
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Originally Posted By: dkmarsh

I've been following this exchange, and I have to say that I don't really fully understand what either of you are saying. So please—both of you—consider the possibility that you each are failing to be understood by the other, and that that's the source of the mutual irritation, rather than two irreconcilable updating orthodoxies.

In any case, life is short. Stay cool.

Hey, I'm all for that! I truly believe in the KISS philosophy: Keep It Simple Stupid. Definitely applicable here. I certainly have no problem understanding the 3 different approaches to upgrading, with pros and cons of each one. But, such pros and cons need to be pointed out when having such discussions. I have certainly done that. Others, though, seem to forget to do that, and also get peeved when someone like myself points out that omission.

But yeah, life is short, and staying cool is always, always good advice. I am certainly cool with that. Not sure about other folks, though.

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#38500 - 01/29/16 03:22 AM Re: can't eject external drive [Re: honestone]
artie505 Online

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Thoroughly predictable! wink

You seriously need to stop using baseless, big words, tossing around innuendos, waffling on issues, and behaving like you're running for office, in general, and get over yourself, in particular.
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#38501 - 01/29/16 03:42 AM Re: can't eject external drive [Re: artie505]
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Having descended into an exchange of ad hominem attacks totally unsupported by objective evidence, this thread is closed.

Congratulations on getting the last word!

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