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#3011 - 09/05/09 04:50 PM Enter the bluray
Virtual1 Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Iowa
I figured I have enough bluray discs to start playing with and I really need to get a DL burner, so I went and got one from OWC. I bought the BDC202-BK for $190. (arrived next day!) Works well, bluray disks inserted show up on the desktop about 20 sec later and appear to access fine. It arrived in a really big box though, kinda threw me. This drive only reads bluray but I don't think I want to grow old waiting for BDs to burn, ext HDs make more sense for that nowadays.

Aaanyway, I'd like to watch some blurays on my mac as you might imagine. I've done a moderate amount of googling around for information on this new territory and I've found that a lot of people don't event realize the mac os will handle a bluray disc, but it works just fine here in leopard. The usual suspects (vlc, mplayer, quicktime) won't play a properly ripped bluray, but Plex will, so I've downloaded that. But Plex requires the (insert cussword of appropriate level) DRM to be removed. So far the only tool I've found that does it, and apparently does a very good job, is AnyDVD HD, but naturally it's windows only.

I have yet to defile my MBP with windows... is there another choice? Will it work in crossover maybe? Other options? HD space isn't a problem (for now!) and I know I'm going to have to get a computer with more muscle, but are there any other words of warning for someone entering this scene?

OK I did find one mac os problem, or maybe not. But Finder's get info window claims this bluray disc ha about 43 billion files on it... heh

Crossover 8 will NOT run ANYDVD HD. It installs but does not run. Has 16 votes so far at slysoft, register your vote if you want to encourage them to add support for it.

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#3028 - 09/05/09 06:37 PM Re: Enter the bluray [Re: Virtual1]
donikatz Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Gotham
I'm not aware of anything other than AnyDVD HD that will strip DRM (but I haven't looked in a few months). As for playing BD, try XBMC.
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