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#28667 - 04/17/14 09:24 AM Genieo adware ~ malware ~ (you name it)
grelber Offline

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Watch out for this nasty little browser hijacker.

I came across it on several websites purporting to offer free downloads of various texts, and prerequisite to acquiring such, it redirected to a number of sites requiring personal information, including a credit card number (ostensibly to validate address).

It's been out there a while and can do some bad things within OS X.

Wikipedia has an entry for it ( which is worth a boo.

#28706 - 04/23/14 10:05 PM Re: Genieo adware ~ malware ~ (you name it) [Re: grelber]
artie505 Online

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#30103 - 05/20/14 09:17 AM Re: Genieo adware ~ malware ~ (you name it) [Re: artie505]
alternaut Offline


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FWIW, BitDefender made available a free and easy to use Adware Removal Tool (for Mac OS X 10.7 and up), which 'detects and removes Genieo'. It's not clear what else it does, if anything, other than that it 'quickly eliminates adware from your Mac'.
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