I installed the mobile version of Trusteer on my iPhone 5.

What I discovered/learned so far (or, think I know):

1. The Authorization Window: “The Secure Out of Band Authorization option is a specific feature in the app which is currently unavailable. However, there is no need to register your account for this service in order to access your online banking account via our app.”

2. The Device Status Window/Scan Button: This button does not relate to scanning, as in a scanner. Rather, “Trusteer Mobile executes periodic scans of your device to update the status. If you want to update the status immediately, you can click on Scan Now.”

3. Even though the app is installed, to be secure, one must (still) access the specified/identified/sensitive sites through the app, and not directly via the browser.

4. The iOS User Guide may be found Here.

Even though I have installed this app on my iPhone, I remain apprehensive to use such, especially out in the wild. But if I did, and presuming the app works as designed, would I be at peril, or would my concern be ill-founded? confused
27" i7 iMac (10.13.6), iPhone Xs Max (12.1)

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