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#2856 - 09/03/09 04:53 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: crarko]
dkmarsh Online


Registered: 08/04/09

Your money is no good here, Craig. wink

But by all means let's hoist a few!

Aside to ganbustein: hopefully it's obvious in context, but my reply to donikatz was entirely unrelated to your intervening post. ( I composed it long before I actually posted it, in accordance with the principle that it's often better to see how things look in the morning before saying what one wanted to say the night before, just in case.)

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#2873 - 09/03/09 09:16 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: ganbustein]
Hal Itosis Offline

Registered: 09/03/09
Loc: 10.6.8 (build 10K549)
Originally Posted By: ganbustein
Imagine my surprise that all the Snow Leopard-related posts had been moved to the Lounge! To me, the Lounge is the place where all that boring, idle, non-technical chit-chat goes. I have better things to do with my time. But here, the very information I had been looking for had been moved out of the OS-related forum it had been posted to, into a place I would never have expected to find it.

And with it, I found a lot of other technical threads that I might easily have overlooked. Now, in order to access that information, I have to wade through all the non-technical fluff that actually does belong in Lounge.

OK, we now have a forum specific to 10.6, but the problem remains. Even now, the rule as I understand it is that that's only for trouble-shooting Snow Leopard. If I've discovered a cool feature of SL, one that I have no problem with and even like, and want to tell the world, I have to post in Lounge?!? Really?

Sure, we do a lot of trouble-shooting here, just like we did on MFIF, but it's also a source of tech information. The notion that technical info doesn't belong in a technical forum unless the poster is specifically looking for a solution to a specific problem seems bizarre to me.

I also feel that a tech-only / non-troubleshooting forum needs to exist. I can appreciate how memories of the old 'Tech Issues' forum has left a bad taste in the mouths of most MFI veterans. When OSX was initially released (beta thru Puma), that entire forum got hijacked by a handful of hooligans... and every thread transformed into a battlefront. That was most unfortunate.

But... having a separate, friendlier Tech Talk (non-troubleshooting) area is still a good idea. We shouldn't mix threads about snakes and cats and terminal diseases in such close proximity with computer stuff. It's just too... as you said: bizarre.


Also... where should 'tip & hints' be posted? "Mac FAQ Discussion"? Or should one wait until a troubleshooting thread appears, before posting a script which provides some solution? [not complaining here... i'm really grateful that FTM was established so nicely... thanks.]

#2879 - 09/03/09 11:12 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: Hal Itosis]
macnerd10 Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Los Angeles, CA
I agree. Welcome back!
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#2895 - 09/04/09 09:06 AM Re: Suggestion [Re: dkmarsh]
Ira L Online

Registered: 08/13/09
Loc: California
I second Joel's comments above. For those of us who remember the old MFI, the CNET version is rather bland. Whatever your complaints about FineTunedMac and its forums may be, it is still one of the better trouble-shooting sites around--and the freedom of discussion is unparalleled. And now that "Hal Itosis" has found this site (as discussed in a posting elsewhere), I am sure he will bring his intolerant and sardonic wit smirk to bear on all of us!
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#2918 - 09/04/09 02:37 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: Ira L]
Hal Itosis Offline

Registered: 09/03/09
Loc: 10.6.8 (build 10K549)
Originally Posted By: Ira L
And now that "Hal Itosis" has found this site (as discussed in a posting elsewhere), I am sure he will bring his intolerant and sardonic wit smirk to bear on all of us!

Perhaps not "all"... but rather: only a few chosen fortunate ones, on occasion. wink

#3096 - 09/06/09 01:49 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: Hal Itosis]
cyn Online


Registered: 08/03/09
Doni, Gan, Hal: the mods and I are discussing possible options for non-troubleshooting/non-help-request tech topics.

Hal, I'm not sure about tips & hints posts. While MFIF's Mac OS X Tips & Hints forum was a great idea in theory, in practice the "limit replies to supplemental suggestions about the initial tip" guideline was problematic. If someone disagreed with a post or even wanted to suggest an improvement or alternative, it could be difficult to do so without the thread turning into a discussion/debate. Haven't yet figured out a way around that.

Some of the posts in MFIF's Tips & Hints are possibilities for the not-yet-opened Mac FAQ forum, and I'd love to see them posted in the Mac FAQ Discussion forum for review. If you think a script would be a good FAQ entry, go for it!
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#3101 - 09/06/09 02:42 PM Re: Suggestion [Re: cyn]
donikatz Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Gotham
Thanks cyn.

Re. Tips & Hints & FAQ, etc: often other forums that have stickied info or FAQ threads or such will allow each thread to become a debate or discussion (as long as on topic), but the original post remains the latest "official" version and is maintained and updated as deemed necessary. So the original poster, assumed to be an expert on the topic, therefore becomes a de facto moderator of the thread (along with anyone else who mods that section). This keeps it easy for most folks to drop in and get the desired info up front, but also allows that info to grow and be updated as needed. Sure the threads can eventually get very long even if on topic, but anyone who is devoted enough to the subject to want to help update an "official" FAQ would be best to know the history of the discussion anyway. I've always thought that was a pretty good approach to it, FWIW, but it's obviously just one approach.
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