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#27431 - 11/18/13 01:48 PM migration boobytrap
Virtual1 Offline

Registered: 08/04/09
Loc: Iowa
ok so you have an older imac and just got a new one. You happen to have a wired (usb) keyboard and mouse, but the new one is bluetooth. But you've had bluetooth turned off on the old imac for ages and don't even think about it.

The new imac boots up and you have no problems pairing it with the provided bluetooth keyboard and mouse. Start the migration from the old mac.

see where this is going?

migration finishes and the -> arrow is begging you to click to start using your mac. But your mouse isn't working. Nor is your keyboard. Both are off. And they just do the double green blink forever when you turn them on.

After a bit of puzzling, realize you can try the keyboard and mouse from your old imac. Move usb keyboard over from other mac. Finish setup. Back at desktop on new imac, ok lets re-pair with the... wait... why is bluetooth OFF?

gotta love that. imacs that come with only a bluetooth keyboard and mouse will migrate the "bluetooth off" setting.
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#27445 - 11/19/13 04:59 AM Re: migration boobytrap [Re: Virtual1]
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Loc: Georgetown, Texas, USA
It seems to me there was something like that with old iMacs when booting in to Safe Boot, e.g., you couldn't enter your PW at the prompt because the bluetooth had not (yet) loaded. The solution was to hunt up a wired keyboard and then put things to right.

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