Welcome to Fine Tuned Mac!

Fine Tuned Mac is a Macintosh troubleshooting site established by a number of veteran members of the MacFixIt Forums upon the closing of that community in a cost-cutting move by its parent company, CNET.

We're staffed by the same folks who administrated and moderated those forums at the time they were shut down, and populated by a number of former MFIF regulars who stepped forward to help in various ways. In fact, an unsolicited offer of server space and engineering support by one long-time member made this site possible.

We're starting small, but we plan to grow by offering the same experienced problem solving in a friendly, supportive environment which characterized the MacFixIt Forums at their best. We're not interested in post counts, putdowns, or showing off; we're interested in making it as easy as possible for folks with Macintosh problems or questions to find answers and advice.

The hallmark of our approach is the long, rambling troubleshooting thread in which the collective efforts of numerous posters lead to a solution which no one could have gotten to on his or her own. Of course, no one searching for help is looking for a long, rambling thread, and a large number of issues are resolved quickly and easily, because we've seen them often enough to recognize the symptoms. But some problems take patience, persistence, and intuition to solve, because the answers can only be found by a process of elimination. And that's where we really excel.

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You need to be a registered member of Fine Tuned Mac to post, but anyone who agrees to the Board Rules is welcome to join.

Thanks for stopping by!

dkmarsh—member, FineTunedMac Co-op Board of Directors