Bad Font?

Posted by: ps2os2

Bad Font? - 02/08/16 05:29 PM

Recently one site I visited yielded a message from the system saying I had a mad font c$.
I looked at my font folded (and the user font folder) I could find no C$ font.

This stumped me so I deleted all my user fonts and rebooted and still was getting the message.

I ran the font lib program and it called out 1 font (POSTCRYP.TTF) which I disabled in the program and rebooted to play it safe. I also double checked and indeed it was in the trash. (after the reboot).

I am at a lost on how to proceed. I have double checked everything. But I am getting this at more and more web sites (they are political web sites so I am *GUESSING* that there is one author that is creating web pages with the same damn font.

Can someone suggest a next step?

10.4.11 (stuck there until I get a new MAC).
(with no user fonts)
Posted by: artie505

Re: Bad Font? - 02/08/16 05:34 PM

Hi, and welcome to FineTunedMac, Ed. smile

It would be helpful if you'd post the URL of a website or two that's returning that error.

Edit: In the future, move stuff from its regular location to your desktop instead of trashing it; that way you can move it back if it's not a problem.

And since it sounds like your Mac isn't backed up, I suggest that you develop a plan before you lose critical data.