Posted By: jaybass bean - 08/16/21 02:46 PM
OS 10.14.6

How to covert bean word processor to xword

Posted By: Ira L Re: bean - 08/16/21 04:57 PM
According to the Bean FAQ page: Saving a document with images using .rtf or .doc format will convert the images into a .jpg, so if fidelity and speed are required, use .rtfd format instead. On the other hand, if compatibility with a non-Apple computer is required, use the .rtf or .doc formats, as they are easily read by both Word and LibreOffice. Non-image attachments (e.g., .mp4 files) must be saved using the .rtfd or .bean formats.

So it sounds as if there is a menu option somewhere to export or convert as a Word docx.

If I misunderstood what you meant by "xword", then never mind. wink
Posted By: joemikeb Re: bean - 08/16/21 05:00 PM
Bean uses the same .RTFD (Rich Text Formatting Directory) as Apple's Text Edit and is arguably the most universal formatted file format. I don't know what XWord's native file format is but it dies support Rich Text Format. Try Control+click (right click) a .bean file in Finder and selecting Open With… > XWord. If that works and you can edit the file there are three options for converting your .bean files to XWord.
  1. Right click a .Bean file in Finder, select Get Info from the context menu, under "Open with" select XWord, Click "Change All…" or...
  2. Find all your .bean files and change their extension to whatever the XWord extension is or...
  3. Right click each of your .bean files and Open with… XWord then do a Save as… and save them as an Xword file then delete the .bean file.

Option a is clearly the easiest and "should" work. The only downside being both .bean and XWord files will automatically open with XWord.
Posted By: artie505 Re: bean - 08/16/21 05:09 PM
Assuming that your "xword" is Microsoft Word: I've got a recollection of having opened my Bean rtfd docs with Word > File > Open, and then saving the resultant file, but that was many years ago.
Posted By: joemikeb Re: bean - 08/16/21 06:06 PM
Microsoft Word, XWord, Open Office and its derivatives, Text Edit, BBEdit, Mellel, virtually any Word processing app in the last twenty years can open, edit, and save Rich Text formatted files and Bean's native file format is Rich Text, the only difference being the use of a .bean extension rather than the common .rtf.
Posted By: jaybass Re: bean - 08/17/21 03:01 PM
Thanks joe,

I have managed to convert bean to pages. all is well.

Posted By: Ira L Re: bean - 08/17/21 05:07 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
Thanks joe,

I have managed to convert bean to pages. all is well.


Care to tell us and future readers of this thread what you did that worked?
Posted By: jaybass Re: bean - 08/19/21 04:53 PM
I copied the bean doc and pasted it into xword and also into pages...(1) of each

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