Posted By: jaybass camera raw - 01/13/21 03:53 PM
OS 10.12.6

My son has OS 10.14 and has just purchased a Nikon D7500. I have been trying to find the free camera raw version for his OS without success.

Q, Does anyone have a D7500 with a free camera raw version and if so, what version is it and where can he download it?

Posted By: jchuzi Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 04:44 PM
As far as I can tell from reading Digital camera RAW formats supported by iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, Photos should support RAW. Also, check out D7500 raw files?. I got those links from this DuckDuckGo search page, so see if anything else is useful.
Posted By: joemikeb Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 06:02 PM
As Jon pointed out D7500 is among the RAW formats supported by Apple’s core engine, which means Photos and many (most?) of the photo editors listed on the App Store can handle your son’s images. It is not free, but Affinity Photo is arguably a strong competitor of Photoshop, is a lot less expensive, requires no subscription, uses Apple’s core engine, and is highly rated.
Posted By: jchuzi Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 07:25 PM
I have not used Affinity Photo but I, too, have read favorable comments. Another possibility is Pixelmator Pro. If you search for it at App Store, you'll find many positive reviews, including those that prefer it to Affinity Photo. For the record, I have no experience with Pixelmator Pro either.
Posted By: freelance Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 08:23 PM
I have Affinity Photo. It is excellent and can handle RAW files. They often have half price sales, if you keep tabs on their website/get on their mailing list, and they offer a free trial.
Posted By: jaybass Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 11:31 PM
OS 10.12.6

I have a D7500 and I was able to download Adobe camera raw version 10.5 ( free )

I'm pretty sure there his a free version for OS 10.14... finding it is something else.

I checked the Affinity app but it is $49.95 US. I'll see what I can find.

Posted By: jchuzi Re: camera raw - 01/13/21 11:46 PM
It looks like this Adobe site might have what you seek. If you scroll down, you'll see that OS 10.14 is supported in almost all versions.
Posted By: jaybass Re: camera raw - 01/14/21 02:49 AM
OS 10.12.6

I already have that site book marked. I'm waiting for my son to come over tomorrow and we can discuss it.

Thanks for your reply.

Posted By: freelance Re: camera raw - 01/19/21 12:21 PM
Affinity is having a half price sale now, FYI.
Posted By: jaybass Re: camera raw - 01/21/21 04:27 AM
I am in the process of purchasing Affinity Photo but although they acknowledged my "To buy", they tell me they will answer in a couple of days...very surprising for a vendor.

From what I read, it is superior to many other editing apps. Half price too. Thanks for the heads up.

Posted By: freelance Re: camera raw - 01/21/21 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by jaybass
Thanks for the heads up.
You're welcome.

Because it is a sophisticated product, there is (unfortunately) a learning curve. Some, but not all, of the key commands are the same as Photoshop. There are good instruction videos on Affinity's website.

I still have a copy of Photoshop CS 5.5 on my old Mac Pro, which I had to fall back on to do my Christmas card, but I can manage most things in Affinity Photo now. I have Affinity Designer and Publisher, as well. £75 for a lifetime license to replace Adobe CS is a bargain. I'm not convinced it's as good, but I don't need it as a work tool anymore.
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