Posted By: freelance Safari newbie looking for extensions - 09/27/21 01:56 PM
Hi all. I've searched back three years, but not found what I'm looking for...

After years of Firefox, then Opera, then Firefox, I finally decided to give Safari a try. I was surprised how fast it was to load pages. In any case, I've decided to make it my default browser for the first time. Ever.

I'm on Mojave 10.14.6 and Safari is 14.1.2.

Can you suggest extensions for me? I used to use Safari as a fall back when Firefox/Opera couldn't load news websites without allowing ads. Now that I'm trying to block ads with Safari, is there a preferred extension I can load? Any tips for setting it up?

A list of the top, say, five extensions that expand Safari's capabilities would be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jerry
Posted By: jchuzi Re: Safari newbie looking for extensions - 09/27/21 02:40 PM
FWIW, I have Adblock, Disconnect, and Ghostery. All seem to work well. To get them, go to Safari > Safari Extensions... or use App Store to search for Safari extensions.
Posted By: artie505 Re: Safari newbie looking for extensions - 09/27/21 02:43 PM
I'm running Wipr to block ads, along with Roadblock, which may be redundant ad-wise, but has the capability - which I find immensely desirable - to block specific individual elements of websites, e.g. the FTM masthead.

I'm not providing links, because I"m not certain whether the version of Safari you're running uses extensions or has morphed over to apps.
Posted By: joemikeb Re: Safari newbie looking for extensions - 09/27/21 02:47 PM
Safari IS fast, isn't it?

In order of their frequency of use my Safari extensions are…
  1. AdBlock Pro (which installs as 8 different blockers that can be individually tuned on or off in Safari > Preferences > Extensions. It is also compliant Safari's ability to switch ad-blocking off or on on a website by website basis.
  2. WIPR an additional level of ad blocking.
  3. 1Password that provides an in-app link to the password manager of the same name.
  4. InstaZoom link to Zoom meetings.
Posted By: freelance Re: Safari newbie looking for extensions - 09/27/21 03:37 PM
Thanks, all!
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