Posted By: jaybass TeamViewer - 01/21/21 03:31 PM
OS 10.12.6

A couple of times in the past, I had a message flash up on my screen saying my computer has been hacked/controlled and I should phone the number shown on my screen.

In both cases I just cut off the power which solved the problem. I have just read an article by Jason Snell who recommends downloading TeamViewer...it's free.

Should I download this app? This particular problem occurs with safari only from what I can gather. I do have Firefox and chrome in my dock.

Posted By: joemikeb Re: TeamViewer - 01/21/21 09:35 PM
That is a form of ransomeware, you call them and they charge you a few hundred dollars to pretend to disinfect your computer. It is a scam and personally I would treat it the same way I treat COVID-19 or an IED. TeamViewer is a legitimate product, but that the h3!! do you need it for? All of this has absolutely nothing to do with Safari, or any other browser. It has to do with web sites you are visiting or perhaps a site you may have visited in the past that left something distasteful on your system. If you don't have a reliable anti-malware app running on your computer you should get one. I use the "Pro" version of MalwareBytes because it is effective and unobtrusive, but there are a number of other anti-virus, anti-adware, apps listed in the App Store. NOTE: All of the really effective ones require an annual subscription to keep their detection mechanisms up to date.
Posted By: jaybass Re: TeamViewer - 01/21/21 11:47 PM
I had my doubts about TeamViewer but when Jason Snell ( writes for Macworld) said it was ok, I thought I would post it here for a second opinion.

I do have ClamXAV which runs in the background and has on several occasions alerted me immediately when malware/virus is detected.

Thanks for your advice Joe.

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