Posted By: jchuzi flagged emails in Mail - 12/20/20 01:44 AM
In Big Sur and Mail 14.0, I see color-coded folders for flagged mail. But, when I go into each folder, the colored flags are missing. This was not the case in Catalina. Is there a way to display the colored flag for each flagged message? To clarify, emails flagged RED appear in the RED folder but they do not have a red flag. In addition (and this makes no sense), if a message is flagged, for example, in Inbox, the flag does not appear. The only way to tell if it is flagged is by going into the appropriate Flagged folder.
Posted By: jchuzi Re: flagged emails in Mail - 12/20/20 12:40 PM
I found a workaround at this Apple discussion. The Inbox now shows the colored flags but the mailboxes that isolate those flagged messages do not. Still, it's an improvement.

EDIT: I applied the same fix to the Flagged mailboxes and now they show the colored flags.
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