Safari tab problem

Posted by: Kate

Safari tab problem - 01/25/12 02:59 PM

MacBook 10.6.8
Safari 5.1.2

Having recently downloaded this version of Safari I set about learning its latest features. I don't know if this difficulty is of my making, or misunderstanding but hope someone can help.

With Safari open at one site [Fine Tunes Mac] and wanting to open a new tab :
command +click / command + shift + click / the old command +T / all get a blank screen and a drop down that asks if I want to send a form again, as does clicking the +on the menu bar.

I reset Safari and now the same commands get me a tab showing the same site [ FTM] over and over again.

My TAB prefs are set to;
Apple-click opens a link in a new tab
Confirm before closing multiple tabs or windows

Question is: Is this a known problem, or one of my making, and can I fix it?

Posted by: ...JER

Re: Safari tab problem - 01/25/12 03:28 PM

Hi Kate,
Check your General Preferences in Safari and make sure that New Tabs are not set to open same page.
Posted by: Kate

Re: Safari tab problem - 01/25/12 04:29 PM

D'oh! but thank you.

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