Posted By: jaybass tape to DVD - 07/22/20 03:52 PM
OS 10.12.6. My son has quite a few cassette tapes and he mentioned about converting them to a DVD. He has the camera and the cables. I have a Lacie burner and I'm wondering if there is a way of hooking it up to his camera and burn a DVD.

Or do we need to buy some kind of converter. Would appreciate some info.

Posted By: jchuzi Re: tape to DVD - 07/22/20 04:19 PM
Can you connect the camera to a DVD player (bypassing the LaCie) and record directly?
Posted By: Ira L Re: tape to DVD - 07/22/20 04:34 PM
The above suggestion is the best, but if your answer to doing it is "no", then what are the outputs on the VCR and what are the input options on your Lacie burner?

I have done what you are trying to do and the DVD player must also be capable of burning a DVD. Most common ones are not. You are essentially playing the cassette on the VCR into the DVD player/burner. In your scenario the Lacie burner would take the place of the DVD player/burner, so type of inputs is important, since they will have to match up with the outputs on the VCR, possibly with adapters.
Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 07/22/20 06:09 PM
I cannot bypass the burner. I have had this Lacie burner quite a few years.

It is d2 525 usb2 FW Superwrite master, speed plus. As you probably know, it has 2
400 firewire ports. I have only used it to burn DVDs. I do not have a VCR. Only a blu ray DVD player.

Thank you Jon and Ira.

Posted By: Ira L Re: tape to DVD - 07/23/20 05:24 PM
Originally Posted By: jaybass
I do not have a VCR. Only a blu ray DVD player.

So now I am unclear. How are you planning on playing the tape cassettes? Or getting the info off of them and then into whatever?
Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 07/23/20 06:32 PM
At the moment, my son can play his cassette tapes with his old Sony camcorder using an old TV.

What he is considering is something like this:

USB 2.0 Digital Audio Capture Card for Windows 10/8.1/8 / 7 / and Mac OS 10.14 - Audio Grabber for Cassette Tapes to mp3 Converter

He has a new iMac, so is this the way to go? He is not sure because this new to him.
Please tell me what you think.

Posted By: freelance Re: tape to DVD - 07/24/20 06:28 AM
I have a Panasonic DMR-BWT750 DVD recorder. They're not cheap, but you might find one second-hand or maybe you could rent one? Anyway, you would plug the camcorder into the DVR, record the tapes, then burn your DVD. They're excellent machines, but, like I say, not cheap.
Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 07/24/20 12:36 PM
Thank for your reply. Like you say they are not cheap and considering that my son only has 16 Hi8 cassette tapes, there has to be another way.

We are now seriously thinking about Roxio's easy VHS to DVD for Mac. This also works for Hi8 & Video8 tapes. I hoping someone will have actually used this product or at least can confirm that it does work.

Posted By: Ira L Re: tape to DVD - 07/24/20 05:11 PM
The Roxio software still requires that you connect the camcorder to the iMac. If you can do that, it is a way to go, but you might also be able to connect the camcorder to your Lacie burner and avoid using Roxio. I'm guessing Lacie has some software that goes with it.

Another option is to find a service that converts VHS to DVD and let someone else deal with the whole thing. smirk
Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 07/24/20 06:48 PM
I think connecting the camcorder to the iMac requires a thunderbolt/firewire adapter cable??which I don't have. I will check out connecting the camcorder to the Lacie burner.

Finding a service that converts tape to DVD is easy but expensive...my son looked into that.

Thanks Ira

Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 08/01/20 09:33 PM
OS 10.12. Well after a lot of searching, we finally found the correct app to enable us to transfer the 8mm tape to the computer. It is AVerStudio by name. After completion and clicking HD - users- Admin- Movies is where it finally resided. I have since dragged it into iMovie. Anyone using AVerMedia-EZmaker 7 with Sierra should now have no trouble.

Thanks all.

Posted By: Ira L Re: tape to DVD - 08/03/20 04:23 PM
What was the physically set-up, the wiring that was required?
Posted By: jaybass Re: tape to DVD - 08/03/20 09:46 PM
The cables used are the red, yellow & white ones of the converter ( female ) and corresponding ones that that fit into them ( male.) The converter USB 2 goes into the computer. The end of my cable fits into the audio/video port on the camcorder.

The converter is AVerMedia EZmaker7 using AVerstudio software. I hope I described that right.


Posted By: Ira L Re: tape to DVD - 08/04/20 03:58 PM
Good deal. That software and cable combination allowed you to bypass the intermediary of a DVD/VCR player.
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