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iMOVIE - 02/03/14 08:24 PM

Odd thing.

On January 24th, I downloaded and installed the latest update 10.0.2 for iMOVIE which was released the day before (23rd).

Today I did another Software Update from the Apple Menu and it tells me to download and install the "latest" version of iMOVIE, dated January 23rd.

My update log says I have already installed the 10.0.2 version from the 23rd. However, when I go to the applications folder and click GET INFO on the iMOVIE app, I am told the "current" installed version is from October of 2012.

The computer detects that I have the January 23rd release installed, but it does not appear in the applications folder. I have done a search and cannot locate any other folder where the January 23 update was (accidentally) placed/moved.

Any ideas as to why Software Update Log tells me I DO have the latest version installed while - at the same time - running the Software Update tells me that I DO NOT have the latest version installed?

This one has me stumped. confused


UPDATE (February 4th):

I trashed the only version of iMOVIE (10.0.2) I could find anywhere in my MBPro (laptop). Securely emptied trash. Then, I went to APPLE MENU to check for recent software updates. iMOVIE 10.0.2 showed up. Downloaded and installed. Then I re-ran the Software Update and no longer get any messages that iMOVIE needs to be updated.

It now appears as though I have the latest version (10.0.2) with its latest updates.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 01:20 AM

Have you checked "About iMovie" (after you've opened it) to see which version is actually active?
Check also your Applications folder (or Launchpad) to see if you got more than one copy of iMovie.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 08:42 AM

You're not crazy and you're not alone. I have the exact same problem on my laptop, but not on my iMac.

The Macbook Air shows version 10.0.1 in the Applications Folder, yet the App Store shows no updates available and that version 10.0.2 was already installed. I know I went through the installation process for iMovie, but somehow it is not showing as installed, or very possibly, the version number is wacky.

When I did the iMovie update on the iMac, it seems to have worked, in that it shows 10.0.2.

Go figure! Why any of these blips of electrical charge actually work the way they should is still pretty amazing to me. smirk
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 01:37 PM

In the future, please post any update in a new reply. When you edit an existing post those who had read the original version are unlikely to see the new information.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 05:04 PM

Did you by any chance have an external hard disk or some other backup media attached when you did the update?

I have noticed a strange quirk with iPhoto and iMovie. When I have my backup hard drive installed, and I do a software update, the software update will update iPhoto or iMovie *on my backup drive* but not on the system I'm booted from! It will then update the receipt on the system I'm booted from. Result: I can't update the copy on the local hard drive!

I've seen this happen twice now. So if I have the external hard drive connected when I do an update, sometimes I have to copy the updated file from the external hard drive to the internal.

I've also seen this happen with a very small handful of other apps I got from the App Store (namely, Better Rename and Picturesque), but most apps don't do that.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 09:08 PM

The only "external" HD I use is Time Capsule/Time Machine . . . and I do NOT have it set to automatically backup, but only to backup when manually directed by me each time I wish to do so.

Having said that, I backup once or twice a day to Time Machine. In practice, Time Capsule is "on" when I do a Software Update on the MBPro, but not Time Machine. Without Time Machine being "on", does it make sense that Software Update would detect the backup copy . . . and update it there instead of the original on the MBPro?

The more likely case to me is that there simply was a glitch in the original I had on the MBPro. I have not deleted the the previous version in Time Machine but, since I trashed the original in the MBPro, I am no longer getting the "need to update" message. If Software Update was detecting and updating the backup (Time Machine) copy - as suggested in another post - then it would still be doing so (I think ???) . . . but it isn't.

Hope this is a clear explanation about the behaviour I was experiencing with iMOVIE on my MBPro. The new version of 10.0.2 on the MBPRo is behaving as expected and I am no longer receiving the update notice.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/04/14 09:08 PM

Oops. Will do.


Just noticed that my "iMOVIE" post is appearing in both the OSX Applications Forum and the Peripherals Forum.

I thought I had only posted it once, but it seems to have "cross posted" somehow. Not sure how that happened (???). Sorry about that. The Peripherals thread is probably the better spot for it if one of these threads can be closed/deleted.

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Re: iMOVIE - 02/05/14 12:37 AM

Your post seems to appear twice because cyn moved it from the forum in which you originally posted to a more appropriate cross-post.

This thread isn't specific, but it will give you an idea of what happened.
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Re: iMOVIE - 02/05/14 08:58 AM

Originally Posted By: tacit
Did you by any chance have an external hard disk or some other backup media attached when you did the update?

I did not have an external drive, etc. attached when I did the update. Good thought though.