Posted By: MG2009 iPOD - Shuffle Feature - 12/18/20 10:52 PM
iPOD, 4th Generation Model.

Does anyone know how to turn the SHUFFLE feature OFF . . . besides using a hammer?

I do not mean the "Shake to Shuffle" in settings. That is OFF. However, by default, the song order shuffles and I can find no way to de-activate that. I would like the songs to play in the order in which these are in the Playlist. Tapping on the little, squiggly, shuffle icon only takes me from the current one playing to another random song; it doesn't turn the SHUFFLE feature "on/off" as I would expect. A Google search has provided no solution.

Seems simple enough . . . but . . .
Posted By: Ira L Re: iPOD - Shuffle Feature - 12/19/20 06:07 PM
Curious. I too did a search and tapping the Shuffle icon so it changes from highlighted (blue?) to unhighlighted was the primary choice. But that does not always seem to work and the final suggestion was to power off the iPod and restart. crazy
And of course Apple Support would start you off by asking if you are running the most current iOS possible. Update if you can/want to.
Posted By: artie505 Re: iPOD - Shuffle Feature - 12/19/20 06:37 PM
Out of curiosity, because it just seems like you ought to be able to do what you want to do, I searched and found Playlist ordering with 4G shuffle NOT pos… - Apple Community, which, without having an iPod to test with, seems to present a couple of viable options.

More: I just looked at iPod Shuffle (4th generation) in Mactracker and found


Controls  Control pad, Shuffle/Play in order/Turn off, VoiceOver"

Hope this helps.
Posted By: MG2009 Re: iPOD - Shuffle Feature - 12/19/20 08:07 PM
I should have clarified . . .

The way I have set up my iPOD is as one large Playlist with a couple hundred songs. However, I have loaded/listed the songs in groups (e.g. 1 - 10 are classical, 11 - 20 are jazz, 21 - 30 are new age, etc.) My idea is to click on where I want to start in the Playlist and then (simply!) have the tunes play one after the other in the listed order. That is, if I start at Song #11, then I would expect #12 to follow, then #13, etc. However, the random shuffling has a mind of its own. For example: It will start at 8, then it jumps to 23, then 4, then 68, then 8 (again), then 9, etc. Most annoying. No rhyme nor reason.

My 4th Generation is not an iPOD SHUFFLE; it is the iPOD TOUCH - which has the shake/shuffle feature. (The "shake" can be turned off in Settings; however, "shuffling" cannot be).

The tips found in the links provided in earlier posts are for different Control/Settings panels. My iPOD does not have iTUNES (pink/blue icon), but an app called MUSIC (orange icon) - which came pre-installed. The iTUNES and MUSIC app layouts are not the same, as far as I can tell.

I found a workaround of sorts: I created a new Playlist containing only a select group of 20 songs. It still randomly goes through the list - shuffles the order of play - but no tunes outside of this list are played.

It just baffles me that the function of shuffling cannot be de-activated for the whole device (and re-activated, when desired). You know, the way one can lock or unlock screen rotation on an iPAD, for example.
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