Posted By: artie505 iPhone music - 10/09/19 09:51 AM
I've never consciously imported any music on to my iPhone...don't really even know how to do it, but nonetheless, it began playing Swan Lake the other night; can anybody explain to me how it might have gotten there?

I just learned that in theory, I added it with drag & drop, but I"ve certainly got no recollection of having done that.

Any ideas?

Posted By: joemikeb Re: iPhone music - 10/09/19 05:45 PM
Do you have Swan Lake in iTunes/Music on any device and is that device and your iPhone both signed into your Apple ID? A tune does not have to be downloaded to a device in order for it to be played on that device. It can be streamed as long as you have a WiFi connection or have cellular data activated for the Music app.

If you are streaming a tune in Music a touch in the wrong (right?) place can immediately add that tune to your Music Library and/or cause it to download.

If you have an Apple Music membership you do not even have to have a given tune in your Library to play it much less have it on the particular device.
Posted By: artie505 Re: iPhone music - 10/10/19 09:58 AM
Sorry, my question wasn't as explicit as I thought it was.

I thought it would be clear that Swan Lake somehow got itself imported on to my iPhone.

The only streaming I ever do is via AirPlay...to my stereo via my AirPort Express Base Station, which I assume isn't involved, and I never sign in to my Apple ID.

I was poking around my iPhone pane, and I did hit "Sync" at some point or other, but I most certainly did not either select or drag anything.

Also, my guess is that the music began playing when the import completed, but I'm pretty sure that I wasn't listening to Swan Lake at the time.
Posted By: joemikeb Re: iPhone music - 10/10/19 01:52 PM
I was not as precise as I should have been. When I said, "is that device and your iPhone both signed into your Apple ID?" I should have said "is that device and your iPhone registered to the same Apple ID?" There is an increasingly tight and almost totally transparent linkage between Apple devices registered to the same Apple ID. Which is why I posited it as a possible answer to your question. No explicit logon is necessary for that linkage to occur.
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