Posted By: ryck More trash talk - 07/10/20 08:18 AM
This is not urgent in any way....I'm just curious.

Once in a while, before emptying the trash, I'll double-check to ensure I haven't trashed something in error. There are always a bunch of folders entitled "Recovered files". Currently there are 83. I emptied a couple of weeks ago.

These 83 are almost all the same but this time I decided to take a closer look. They each contain a TextEdit document called MerpAD Office365 (zero bytes) dated from June 23 until yesterday. A few additionally contain a folder called msoclip which has a 0clip_themedata.xml document (3 KB).

I do not use Office 365 although I did recently visit the Microsoft site to poke around about Office.

Emptying the trash and getting rid of recovered file folders doesn't seem to make a difference to anything. I''m just curious about the fact that recovered files keep reappearing. It seems to me that, if they mattered, they'd appear somewhere other than in the Trash.
Posted By: jchuzi Re: More trash talk - 07/10/20 09:45 AM
I had that issue of "Recovered Files" in previous OSs, but it seems to have disappeared in Catalina. The reason? I don't have a clue.
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