an honest scammer!

Posted by: jchuzi

an honest scammer! - 03/26/18 01:42 PM

Today, I received two phone calls from 407-627-1213. A quick Google search revealed that this is a scam. However, Caller ID lists the name of the caller as Fraud. I guess I can't complain!
Posted by: joemikeb

Re: an honest scammer! - 03/26/18 04:15 PM

That's interesting! Today I received a phone call offering a free three day vacation "near" Disney World. The interesting part is Caller ID said that the call came from my phone number that I was answering the call on.
Posted by: jchuzi

Re: an honest scammer! - 04/16/18 03:22 PM

My phone company must be labeling spurious calls. Today, caller ID identified the caller as Spam, Dallas TX. I did answer the phone, and a female voice said, "Please stop what you're doing". I obeyed her command. I was answering the phone and I immediately stopped by hanging up. (Incidentally, I have received this come-on before, but from a male voice.)