Posted By: artie505 Free AirPort Express Base Station - 04/22/16 07:32 AM
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I've got a very first generation AirPort Express Base Station that I can no longer use and will be happy to give, postage paid, to somebody who can.

This Base Station is an A1084 which is limited to "b/g" performance (NO "n") and the 2.4GHz frequency (NO 5GHz), and, further, it is NOT naturally compatible with OS X versions later than Snowy. (There's a hack out there that others have reported using successfully but I was unable to get to work.)

I don't recommend it for OS X Lion and later, but if you're running Snowy or earlier you may be able to make use of it, most likely as a range extender in the 2.4GHz frequency.

If you're interested, just let me know, and I'll post an email address so you can send me your mailing address. (No internationals, please; I don't care to deal with customs.)
Posted By: artie505 Re: Free AirPort Express Base Station - 04/24/16 08:33 PM
Turns out that my daughter needs it to use as an extender.
Posted By: MacManiac Re: Free AirPort Express Base Station - 04/24/16 11:25 PM
Well, that was certainly a simple fix.....
Posted By: artie505 Re: Free AirPort Express Base Station - 04/25/16 12:00 AM
She's an ex-Mac tech, and in my wildest dreams I wouldn't have thought that she wouldn't be in overkill mode already (and it's not even like she wants it for backup); I only mentioned it to her in passing. shocked
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